Glencliff’s Parent Teacher Organization is here to help your child’s time and your time at Glencliff be the best it can be!

Glencliff Mission Statement
Enable each child to learn and practice responsible behaviors, meet intellectual, physical and aesthetic challenges, achieve personal successes and contribute to home, school and community.

Glencliff Values and Beliefs
  1. Trust and respect for each other. "We're all in this together."
  2. Improving education for our students:  Providing the best well-rounded education.
  3. Education responsibility comes from school, family and community.
  4. What's best for the children is our primary focus.
  5. Facilitate open communication from/to constituents.
  6. Keeping up with educational research and trends.
  7. Improving climate between school and community.
  8. Maintaining a safe, clean environment.

NiskyPTO.org was initially established by the Rosendale Elementary School PTO in 2006. Due to popularity, all Niskayuna PTOs now host their websites here. Additionally, other groups closely associated with the PTO and endorsed by Niskayuna Central Schools may publish informational pages and links. The website is maintained by parent and student volunteers from across the Niskayuna Central School District. Organizationally, NiskyPTO is the public face of the Niskayuna PTO Council.