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January Events

Tuesday, January 8

8:30 am Glencliff Preschool Story and Gym Hour

Thursday, January 10

7:00 pm Glencliff Concert - High School

Monday, January 14

7:00 pm PTO Meeting

Tuesday, January 15

8:30 am Glencliff Preschool Story and Gym Hour

Friday, January 18

6:30 pm Family movie night

Tuesday, January 22

8:30 am Glencliff Preschool Story and Gym Hour

Tuesday, January 29

8:30 am Glencliff Preschool Story and Gym Hour

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‘Currents’ is a spectacular show that was inspired by the historical Battle of Currents between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla in their quest for finding energy sources for the world. Audience members will be taken on a journey between two troops, each representing a different view of the essence of light and electricity and each inspired by a different esthetic and artistic approach, all of which are presented as a dialogue, through unique sounds, lights, and visual effects. The show combines a variety of elements: specially made musical instruments, massive video art projections (including video mapping on the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem) and eleven skilled performers in constant movement, playing on different instruments and musically juggling between different sounds.



In 2019, between February 25th and March 29th, Opera Saratoga will present PINOCCHIO for School Audiences. This whimsical 40-minute adaptation of the classic story by Carlo Collodi is the perfect introduction to opera for elementary school students, featuring music from operas by Mozart, Donizetti, Verdi, Offenbach, and Pergolesi, adapted by John Davies, and sung in English. Stepping into a new and unknown world, Pinocchio is deceived by the Wolf and the Cat and persuaded to disobey his father by skipping school in order to meet Dr. Dulcamara, an evil puppeteer. Realizing how unique Pinocchio is, Dulcamara captures him, with the hope of having him perform alongside his miraculous mechanical doll, Olympia. When Pinocchio and Olympia become friends, Dulcamara breaks Olympia in a temper tantrum. Pinocchio escapes and runs home, where he confesses to his father that he has been telling lies and disobeying him. Pinocchio’s father is grateful for Pinocchio’s honesty, forgives him, and agrees to help rescue Olympia. Pinocchio and his father lead the authorities to Wolf, Cat and Dulcamara, and the bad guys are punished. As Pinocchio resolves to always tell the truth and share his problems with trusted grownups, he and his father head home to repair Olympia and begin life anew as a family of three.

Through this adaptation of the story of Pinocchio, students will be exposed to operatic music and classical singing, while exploring important themes of self acceptance, the importance of respecting and listening to parents, and of course, telling the truth. Pinocchio is appropriate for Pre-K to Grades 6 audiences.

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