Fundraising is not the primary mission of the PTO but the money that parents raise and donate to the PTO supports its mission and all the students and families at the school. Without your participation in these activities, Glencliff wouldn't have some of the nice extras that it does. For example, last year the school received new stage curtains to replace the previous ones that were falling apart. Several years ago the parents funded and built the new playground for the students. Many smaller helpful actions are done too, like sending a basket to a Glencliff family in need. All these things help make Glencliff the special school that it is. Thank you for your support of the PTO fundraisers.

Box Tops

Glencliff participates in the Box Tops for Education program. Families cut and collect Box Top symbols from products. You can send them to school in a baggie or attach them to the collection sheets that are often provided at the end of the electronic Glencliff Weekly newsletter. Boxtops are available on a wide range of products. Please note the date at the bottom of the box top. Kids love to clip these and it's great to have them involved but we just need to make sure that the date is not cut off or the box top becomes invalid.

Hannaford Helps

Hannaford Helps Schools is a fundraising program run by Hannaford supermarkets. They donate money to participating schools when parents buy certain products and put their Hannaford Helps receipt into the tower at the supermarket. We have a bin at the Hannaford store in Glenville or you can drop the special receipts in an envelope at the front of the school on the bulletin board. For more information on how the program works and for a list of participating brands go to

Price Chopper Tools for Schools

Price Chopper supermarkets run a fundraising program for schools in which shoppers earn points for their school that are used to buy supplies. It's really easy to participate. Just click to sign up or to find out if you're already signed up. Then shop at Price Chopper. Using your Advantage Card will automatically track your points and add them to Glencliff's total. After that, the teachers will get a catalog that they can order school supplies from using the credits we've accrued for them. It's a great program and so easy to use so if you shop at Price Chopper please make sure you're signed up.